Permomax Group

With Permolit Paint’s Permomax series, which provides superior hygiene, care and protection, health in all seasons, Permolit on every front! ⭐🛡️

Water Based Interior Paints

Bringing style to every space, Permolit Water Based Interior Wall Paints bring health and beauty together in your living spaces. 🔒🧬

Water Based Exterior Paints

Long-lasting and eye-catching exteriors with Permolit Water-Based Exterior Paints that provide excellent protection in all seasons! 😇⭐

Ceiling Paint

Health and radiance meet your living spaces with the Ceiling Paint series of Permolit Boya, the first and leading ceiling paint manufacturer in Turkey. ✨✔️


You will always save time and labor by providing easy color conversion with Primers of Permolit Paint. 🔒🧬