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X-ray Baggage Inspection Machine 1000*800 mm


Product description
☆Basic parameters:
Size of the passageway  1000(W)*800(H)mm
Speed of the belt: 0.22m/s
Rated load of the belt: 200Kg
resolving power : Diameter is 0.101mm of the metal line
Space resolution : level:¢1.3mm   vertical: ¢1.0mm
Through resolution :  ¢0.511mm
Penetration ability :   steel plate’s thick is 34mm
Film safety :  ISO1600 film is safe
Leak dose :    <0.1µGy/h


☆X-ray generator:
Beam direction :   light from top
Tube current :  0.4~1.2mA(adjustable)
Tube voltage :  100–160 KV(adjustable)
spread Angle of the ray beam :  80°
Cooling/work cycle :   Sealed oil cooling/100%
☆Image processing system:
X ray sensor :  L photoelectric diode array detector(Much energy), 12bit depth
Display :    High resolution 17 “LCD display
Color image display :   According to the material is qualitative, 24 bits true color display
Edge enhancement :   The object contour edge clearer
Super image enhancement :   Image detail more clearly
High penetration show :  Improve the image of the bright contrast, make easy penetration area more clearly
Low penetration show :   Improve the image of the dark contrast, make difficult to penetrate area more clearly

Magnifier:   Local amplification function, real-time dynamic amplification
Brightening/ darken:   Increase the brightness of the image/ Reduce the brightness of the image
Image back to pull:    Before the show and image, and the image can be any image processing
Image restoration:   Image display restore the original state
Image storage:  Real-time save any image, and can be arbitrary image processing, continuous work save.
☆Image processing system:
Multi energy color :   Organic display for orange, Inorganic display for blue, Mixture display for the green
High energy/Low energy :  Two kinds of energy switch display
Drug and explosive auxiliary detection :  Some of the more typical auxiliary detection of drugs and explosives and other dangerous articles

☆Use environment :
System temperature/humidity :    0℃~45℃/20%~95% (No condensation)
Storage temperature/humidity :  -20℃~60℃/20%~95% (No condensation)
System voltage :   220VAC(±10%)  50±3HZ
Power loss :   1.5KW(max)

Noise level :   <58dB

Packaging & Delivery

  • Packing :Standard export packing
  • Packaging Size :1800 x 1300 x 1650
  • DPackage Weight :
  • Delivery Lead Time :5-10days
  • Minimum Order :1
  • Supply Ability :50sets/month

Product Image

  • X-ray Baggage Inspection Machine K10080 image


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