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Sensor system developer and the rate according to the specifications of Eastern developed another technology and scientific studies conducted and designed after a lot of testing and research specialist in the detection of gold and valuable metals silver and copper and bronze was designed and programmed so that is not affected by warm soil and rocks and salinity and Madenha and deal with temperature soil from 32 to 155 degrees, specialized to detect gold and metals, and monuments and spaces, caves, front Range 500 meters, is not affected in any weather conditions or any terrain…
Coprocessor Home
Bag containing all the hardware accessories
User`s Guide
Bail for two years
Rods and sensors
Available in English
The device works a long-range sensor system for the detection of gold hidden in the ground
Was developed another device technologies and scientific studies conducted after a lot of testing and research
The device is designed for the detection of gold and metals such as copper and only the value of silver, bronze, and also voids ground Kallekeov and basements and other
Device is equipped with special reference filtering system to isolate mineral soil frequencies and basalt stones
Specialized to detect only the value of minerals
Reveals voids and cavities ground
Depth of 20 meters
Find the vicinity of 500 meters
RF and microwave filtering system


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