Gepard GPR 3D


Gepard GPR 3D

The Gepard GPR is a very flexible, transportable and powerful ground penetrating radar for detecting underground items like pipelines, cavities, cables, conduits, tunnels, bunkers, foundations and the like.

The Gepard ground penetrating radar uses an omnidirectional unshielded transmission system to reach maximum depths up to 40 meters deep. This light, agile and compact unit can be easily operated by a single operator.

How it works

RADAR can be used to detect underground objects and structures such as foundations, cavities, bunkers and tunnels, but also pipes, septic tanks, statues and treasure chests

Optimization of underground analysis
Adjustable telescopic antennas facilitate the operation of the ground radar: Simply set the depth range and start the geophysical measurement.
Measurement data analysis
The integrated Android software displays the measurement data immediately on the screen. Thanks to the integrated GPS support, all movement patterns can be saved together with the measured values
Detectable objects and structures
  • underground walls, basements and concrete reinforcements
  • hidden cavities, graves and sepulchers
  • water level and underground rivers and aquifers
  • buried pipelines, conduits and cable harnesses
  • backfilled wells, galleries, trenches and dugouts
  • septic tanks, distribution boxes and drainage pipes
  • secret tunnels, bunkers and shelters
  • buried treasure chests, statues and caches
Optimization of ground surveys

The Gepard ground penetrating radar is using a multiple transmission frequency range starting at 60 MHz up to 300 MHz which is realized by adjustable telescopic antennas. It furthermore supports many automatic adjustments to optimize your ground surveys on specific soil types, which makes the handling of the Gepard ground radar very easy. You just set your depth resolution and start surveying.Measurement Data Analysis with Android Software

The measured data of the ground penetrating radar is immediately transferred to the Android Tablet PC. The Android software receives the data via WiFi and displays it directly on screen.

The software offers the option of integrating a GPS signal or Google Maps, filtering automatically and entering notes for later recollection of specific scan details. Additionally, the automatic filtering option improves the results of your scan and assists in finding hidden objects and structures more easily. Due to the integrated GPS all scan positions can be stored along with the scan data.

The Android software applications is available in the following languages:

  • English, Français, Deutsch, Español, Ελληνικά, Italiano, فارسی, 中文


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