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Fors Relic



All Terrain    Pinpoint & Depth Indicator (cm/inch)
Dual LCD Display    Frequency Shift
Digital Target ID & ID Masking    Built-in LED Flashlight
6 Search Modes    Waterproof Search Coils
Adjustable Tone Break    Easy Use
Adjustable Iron Volume    Ergonomic Design
Ground Tracking    Long Battery Life
Auto & Manual Ground Balance    10 Languages

MSRP : $799

Built on the famous FORS platform, the FORS Relic offers new features and unbelievable unmasking capabilities for relic and coin hunting. Operating at 19kHz frequency, the FORS Relic features 6 search modes, iMASK (Intelligent Masking), Tone Break, Iron Volume and can easily be used on beach, mineralized ground, and rocky areas which are problematic for most detectors.

FORS Relic’s superior discrimination ability will enable you to detect relics and coins missed by other detectors in the trashiest sites and in iron contamination. In addition, the waterproof search coils make FORS Relic the best choice for metal detecting on the beach or in rivers.

6 Search Modes

General Search (GEN) 
Also referred to as the ”All Metal” mode, this is the deepest mode of the device. In this mode, the device detects all targets and provides a single target tone with no discrimination.

Discrimination 2 (DI2) 
It is the 2-tone discrimination mode. It provides good results especially in clean fields without much trash.

Discrimination 3 (DI3) 
This is the 3-tone discrimination mode designed for coin hunting.

Deep Mode (DEP) 
Recommended especially for relic hunting, this mode is the deepest among discrimination modes and requires a slower sweep speed.

Swift Mode (SWT) 
It is the 2-tone discrimination mode designed for trashy areas. It is recommended especially for coin hunting. It offers slightly less depth but faster target detection and recovery speed in trashy sites.

Conductive Ground (COG) 
This is the special mode of FORS Relic developed for conductive ground (wet beach sand, alkali soils etc.) In this mode, the device will not respond to ferrous targets and it will ground balance easily on all types of ground.

Operating Principle VLF
Operating Frequency 19 Khz
Search Modes 6 (Gen./Disc. 2&3/Deep/Swift/Conductive Ground)
Iron Volume Yes
Tone Break Yes
Audio Discrimination 3 tones
Ground Balance Auto and Manual
Ground Tracking Yes
Pinpoint Yes
Frequency Shift Yes
Sensitivity Range 1-99
Target ID Range 0-99
Search Coils FR29 (28.5×18 cm (11″x7″)) & FR13 (13 cm (13″)) waterproof DD
Weight 1.8 kg (3.9 lbs.) including batteries and search coil
Length 125 – 150 cm (4’2″ – 5′) extendable
Battery 4 AA Alkaline
Warranty 2 years



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