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Fors Gold+



Advanced All Metal Mode (GEN)    5 Different Audio Frequencies
iSAT (Intelligent Self-Adjusting Threshold)    Electronic Pinpointing & Depth Indicator
2 Discrimination Modes (Fast & Boost)    Frequency Shift
Dual LCD Display    Built-in LED Flashlight
Digital Target ID    Waterproof Search Coils
ID Masking    Easy Use & Ergonomic Design
Ground Tracking    Long Battery Life
Auto & Manual Ground Balance    10 Languages

Built on the famous FORS platform, the FORS Gold+ offers advanced gold prospecting capabilities. Operating at 19 kHz frequency, the FORS Gold+ features a new advanced All Metal Mode with iSAT (Intelligent Self-Adjusting Threshold) and 2 discrimination modes all designed for harsh ground conditions. The two included waterproof Double-D search coils make the FORS Gold+ the best choice for prospecting in rivers and streams as well.

For the Toughest Terrains
As all gold prospectors know, gold fields in the world have tough ground conditions. These fields, most of the time, contain high mineralization and hot rocks which cause false signals and negatively affect the performance of metal detectors. FORS Gold+, with its new advanced modes and settings works flawlessly even on the toughest terrains.
3 Search Modes
General Search (GEN) 
The new advanced all metal mode of the device along with the new iSAT (intelligent self-adjusting threshold) setting allows for deeper and noise-free detection. Upon target detection, the ID of the target will be displayed on screen just like in discrimination modes.

Fast (FST) 
It is the 2-tone discrimination mode designed for tough gold fields with high mineralization or positive hot rocks. It offers slightly less depth but faster target detection and recovery speed in highly mineralized soils compared to the other modes.

It is the 2- tone discrimination mode designed for cleaner gold fields with milder mineralization. It provides more depth compared to the FST mode.Ground Tracking
Along with automatic and manual ground balancing, FORS Gold+ also offers ground tracking which tracks the changes in ground and automatically adjusts the ground balance to suit. The visible or invisible changes in ground affects the detection depth as well as the discrimination ability of the device so you can improve the performance of the device by activating this feature on suitable ground.
 Digital Target ID and ID Masking
 Dual LCD Display and Graphical User Interface
 Electronic Pinpointing and Depth Indicator
 Built-in LED Flashlight
 Easy Use and Ergonomic Design
 Long Battery Life
 10 Languages


Operating Principle VLF Induction Balance
Operating Frequency 19 kHz
Metal Identification Motion, multi-derivative
Search Modes 3 (General / Fast / Boost)
Audio Frequencies 5
Audio Discrimination 2 tones
Ground Balance Auto and Manual
Ground Tracking Yes
Pinpoint Yes
Frequency Shift Yes
Sensitivity Range 1-99
Target ID Range 0-99
Search Coil FGP26 (26×14 cm (10″x 5.5″)) and
FGP13 (13 cm (5″)) waterproof DD
Weight 1.8 kg (3.9 lbs.) including batteries and search coil
Length 125 – 150 cm (4’2″ – 5′) extendable
Battery 4 AA Alkaline
Warranty 2 years



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