Fors CoRe


Fors CoRe


Fors core Nokta

Nokta Fors CoRe is a professional metal detector developed with advanced technology.

It has different search modesmasking ID and advanced settings that minimize the effects of mineralized soils and hot rocks.

4 search modesGeneral, 2-Tone DiscriminationDiscrimination in 3 tones, Land conductive

Ground Tracking: together with the automatic and manual balancing of the terrain, Fors CoRe also offers the function of monitoring of soil that follows the changes in the ground and automatically adjusts the balance to adapt to changes

Objective ID and Digital ID Maskingwhen Fors CoRe detects the targetdisplays the ID on the screen to identify the objectMasking ID allows you to search ignoring unwanted targets.

Double LCD display and graphical interfaceFors CoRe has 2 LCD display (one on the box and one on the handle)In this way, the operator can easily adjust the settings and view all the necessary informationAfter adjusting the settings on the LCD panel on the box, you can follow most of the information on the display in the front.

PINPOINT and depth indicatorFors CoRe easily locates the position of the target with the button Pinpoint.

Vibrate: The vibrate function is designed for seekers with hearing problemsbut is also ideal for those who do not want to use headphones while with outside noise.

LED Flashlightbuilt-in flashlight that illuminates the scanning area when searching in the dark

10 languagesyou can set the metal detector with 10 different languagesAfter selecting the language in the menuthe metal detector will remain set in the selected languageeven if turned off and on.

technical features

 Operating PrincipleVLF Induction Balance
 Operating frequency: 15 kHz (+/- 100 Hz bandwidth)
 Identification of the metalMotionmultiderived
 Search Mode: 4 (General / Discrimination 2:03 / Conductive Ground)
• Frequencies audio5
 Discrimination Audio3 tones
 Ground BalanceAutomatic and manual
• Monitoring of the groundYes
 Moving the frequencyYes
 Vibration: Yes
 Sensitivity adjustment1-99
 Objective ID0-99
 Set of 10 different languages
• Plate research standard28.5 x 17.8 cm (11.2 7“) DD waterproof
 Weight1.8 kg (3.9 lbsincluding the search coil and batteries
 Lengthadjustable 125-150 cm (4’2 ‘  5 )
• Power: 4 x AA alkaline
• Headphones supplied
 User Manual in Italian


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