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Following timeskip, the two are offered so you’re able to still get along quite well and are frequently seen together

Following timeskip, the two are offered so you’re able to still get along quite well and are frequently seen together

Whenever you are demanding Fukaboshi to bring the remainder staff properly back once again to the fresh new castle throughout the hostage deals, this woman is the initial one Zoro says. Into the Punk Risk, she suggests matter for him getting cool when he opts so you can just take his coat out of. Robin can be seen being extremely happy of the Zoro’s improved energy and you can enjoy to the more than one event. She generally seems to really trust him generally, because the she are shocked that the swordsman was not able to make quick performs off Pica on Dressrosa Arc. Whenever Viola says to the woman regarding Zoro’s want to end Doflamingo’s Birdcage along side Den Den Mushi, Robin isn’t really surprised however developed including a thought, posting comments “just how most eg your”. Regarding the Zou Arch, Robin shows she most philosophy Zoro’s advice when she asks your if they should wait for Kin’emon and you can Kanjuro to catch upwards to them and you will she uses his choice when he urai. It appears you to definitely Robin observes Zoro while the commander when Luffy is not doing.

Robin is pretty next to Nami and often uses date that have the woman, eg shopping when they have free-time, and you can speaking to one another.

When she basic entered this new team, Nami initially distrusted her, but she are swayed from the a bag out of treasures you to definitely Robin took out-of Crocodile. She sympathizes which have Nami’s frustrations at the male team members’ silly antics, however, doesn’t troubled at the them. Nami try among the Straw Cap people really upset on Robin’s take at the hands of CP9, and you can has worked tirelessly locate Robin back and adopted the girl tearfully which have Helicopter after they performed.

Following Robin registered this new team, Nami started to examine Robin comparable to a massive aunt however both of them have motherly intuition into the Helicopter and you will Momonosuke.


Usopp try of course doubtful out-of Robin initially, on account of this lady helping Baroque Work. As he questioned just what Robin centered on and you can she replied “assassinations”, Usopp was frightened and you will advised Luffy that she was as well hazardous. not, when he noticed the fun aspect of Robin’s Devil Fruits, he forgot his fear of the girl and they had collectively well together.

Robin does not generally address Usopp’s serves from cowardice and you can more often than not will play it well adore it never ever happened. However, Usopp cares regarding Robin’s better-getting and you may was, the person who averted her out of becoming extracted from Enies Reception to help you Marineford under the guise off Sogeking and he managed so you’re able to encourage Robin for trust in other people and you may herself. It actually was following this amazing conserve you to definitely Robin ceased writing about him as “Nose-kun” and only, “Usopp”.

Adopting the timeskip, he or she is demonstrated to get on much better and you will Usopp are no more intimidated by the lady and then make morbid responses along the fate regarding missing crewmates. It works with her into the a more effective styles. Of a lot types of which are seen inside Punk Danger Arc, in which Usopp unhesitatingly carried this lady and Luffy once they were immobilized of the sea. Into the Dressrosa Arch, Robin put this lady believe in Usopp to save her of getting a doll and you may try happy to select where can i find a sugar daddy in Tanner Alabama him break through and save the lady.


Sanji always flirts with Robin, as he do which have Nami. He had been the initial user (excluding Luffy) to simply accept their as among the team. Sanji identifies this lady as ‘a faraway, older beauty than just Nami’, yet , calls their “Robin-chan” (compared to “Nami-san”) with a childish factor, despite the reality the woman is more than him. The guy as well as refers to their once the “Robin-chwan” sometimes, however, Robin, instead of Nami, tolerates his improves and you can generally reacts with complimentary. When she was first pulled on the team, Robin don’t also just be sure to earn Sanji’s believe, due to their visible tiredness for ladies. Sanji food Robin quite in a different way away from Nami, once you understand the woman is in a position to look after by herself, however, he really does value the lady in competition and will nonetheless dive in order to her save yourself whenever she is in danger (such as for example when Gecko Moria took the girl shade). Despite Robin allegedly deceived the new team, Sanji ‘s the earliest in order to forgive Robin, prior to reading why Robin did what she performed, and you will pursued their without concern. Sanji did not forgive Wanze or Jabra for talking ill out-of Robin and you will violently beat him or her each other up because of it.

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